Attorney’s fee

In principle, the attorney’s fee is as follows. However, in certain cases the fees may be negotiated. Please contact us for more details.

In addition to the attorney’s fee, necessary expenses such as revenue-stamps, postage-stamps and transportation fee will be billed to each client.

1. Legal consultation fee: 5,000 yen(plus tax) for each thirty minutes.

However, the first legal consultation for each issue will be free.

Also, if we represent a client and deal with that case, we do not charge him/her for the legal consultation.


2. Legal documents such as a written contract :

50,000 yen(plus tax) or more for each document, depending on the scale and difficulty of its contents.

However, if a client concludes an advisory contract with us, we do not charge her/him for the fee for making a legal document.


3. Negotiation with the other side or Mediation proceeding, etc.

Determined based on the litigation standard as described in 4 and by consultation with the client.


4. Litigation (civil case, administrative case)

In principle, the attorney’s fees include and are limited to both (1) retaining fee and (2) contingency fee as follows, although (2) contingency fee does not apply to an entirely unsuccessful case from the viewpoint of the outcome of litigation;

(1) Retaining fee (A fee to start the work for litigation. It is normally non-refundable regardless the outcome of litigation)

100,000 yen(plus tax), in case the litigation target costs 2,000,000 yen or less

5% of the litigation target price, plus the consumption tax, in case the litigation target costs over 2,000,000 yen.

(2) Contingency fee (A fee applied to a partly or entirely successful case from the viewpoint of the outcome of litigation)

10% of the outcome price acquired by the litigation, plus the consumption tax.

Note 1. A person who has economic difficulties to pay the attorney’s fee might take advantage of The Japan Legal Support Center which will provide such a person with money lent for the attorney’s fee. If he/she is admitted to utilize it, The Japan Legal Support Center will determine the amount of attorney’s fee which he/she has to pay.

Note 2. For a person who has difficulty to pay the retaining fee but is not admitted to the system of Japan Legal Support Center, we will consider some measures such as decreasing the retaining fee instead of increasing the contingency fee. So please come in for your first free half hour consultation to discuss this with us.

Note 3. Even if we represent the same client for the same case in a different litigation from first we dealt with, (for example, an appealed litigation in a high court after finalizing a litigation in a district court,) another retaining fee is needed. In such a case, the amount of retaining fee will be determined in the same manner as the above mentioned (1), although a request to decrease it might be accepted depending upon the circumstances at that time.

Note 4. When a litigation target cannot be calculated, for example, a case where a foreigner files a lawsuit against the immigration seeking a status of residence in Japan, the price of the litigation target is estimated as 8,000,000 yen in principle. In other words, the retaining fee will be 420,000 yen (5% of the target plus tax) and the contingency fee will be 840,000 yen (10% of the target plus tax). However a modification to such amount may apply on a case-by-case basis.


5. Criminal cases

For a criminal case, the fees include and are limited to both (1) retaining fee and (2) contingency fee as follows, although an increase would apply in a difficult and complicated case;

(1) Retaining fee: 300,000 yen(plus tax)

(2) Contingency fee: between 100,000 yen and 300,000 yen(plus tax), depending on the outcome and work required.


6. Advisory contract

For an advisory contract with us, between 30,000 yen and 300,000 yen(plus tax) per month, depending on the scale of business and/or presumed frequency of consultations, etc.