What do we deal with?

(1)In general

Civil cases: Legal advice for companies (contracts, etc.), Debt Collection, Legal problems related to real estate transaction, Traffic accidents, Family cases such as inheritance or divorce, Environmental cases related to damage from pollution or living environment, Labor cases, and any other civil cases.

Administrative cases: Immigration law, and environmental cases against an administrative section of a government, etc.

Criminal cases: including cases involving foreign people in Japan.

(2)We deal with International disputes in which people living in Japan have trouble with people in foreign countries or people living in foreign countries have trouble with people living in Japan.

Because it might be difficult to imagine such cases, we will show you some examples as follows,

Example 1

A Japanese company “X” needed to make a contract to start business with a foreign company “Y”. Therefore, we made a draft contract in English (we also do the same in Spanish). Or, we conduct a legal check on a draft contract made by X orY.

Example 2

A foreigner “A” was carrying out business with a Japanese “B”. After A had gone back to his/her home country, B did not fulfil his/her obligations. We represented A, and began a legal proceeding in a Japanese court, claiming B’s payment, because B failed to perform his duty to pay. We filed a petition for provisional seizure on B’s assets, won in litigation, and collected B’s payment from the assets.


A Japanese “C” wanted to divorce her husband, a foreigner “D”, but they did not get an agreement for divorce. In such an international divorce case, the problem arises as to which country’s law is applied, Japanese law, the law of D’s country, or a third country’s law. That depends on D’s nationality and the country in which C and D have lived, etc. Furthermore, even though a law of a country other than Japan may be applied in a case, sometimes taking a legal proceeding of divorce in a Japanese court might favor C. We represented C and analyzed some factors, and then, brought the case against D to the Japanese court system, and got a divorce and adequate distribution of property. The result was advantageous to C.


A foreigner “E” who lives in a foreign country desired to have a legal status of residence in Japan. We represented E on the application to the immigration, and then E obtained that status.

These are just some brief examples of some cases, please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

(3) To people living in countries where Spanish is spoken

Even in some cases like ones mentioned in the above (2), depending on the circumstances legal proceedings might be needed in a foreign country, not in Japan, . We work on some of those cases, in cooperation with our affiliates who are qualified as lawyers in Spain or Latin American countries.

So, please do not hesitate to consult with us.